Emco’s one-of-a-kind jet trailer (patent pending) has made a huge impact on our customers and stays in high demand here in the Permian!

This unique trailer-mounted, diesel-powered centrifugal pump cleans frac tanks, steel pits, and half-round tanks up to four times faster than roustabouts with pressure washers. Frac tanks, steel pits, and half-rounds need cleaning when drilling operations switch from freshwater to oil-based mud, freshwater to brine water, and other occasions. Emco’s jet trailer gets the job done quicker, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

This powerful cleaning system is designed to deliver high volume-low pressure for fast cleaning of wet sludge and can be switched to low volume-high pressure for dry, stuck on sludge. Emco’s jet trailer comes out to your drilling location with one operator, two empty vac trucks, and a vac truck full of freshwater.

The Emco Jet Trailer Features:

  • Powered by 135HP Cat Diesel
  • 6” high volume transfer pump
  • Will operate 2 wands at 100 psi through various nozzles depending on cuttings and materials removals.

Our Jet Trailer service is ideal for the following industries:

  • Oilfield Construction
  • Rig Service cleaning
  • Facility Construction
  • General Construction

Our Jet Trailer services include:

  • Tank and pit cleaning
  • Material, Cuttings, and Solids removal.
  • Ditch excavating
  • Posthole digging
  • Environmental cleanup

Emco Oilfield Services is setting new standards of safety, efficiency, and reliability in the Permian Basin.  Our prompt service begins with our dispatch team, available 24-hours a day/7-days a week/365 days a year. Learn more about the services we offer by calling 602-499-6992.

Need to safely expose utilities?

Emco Oilfield Services uses hydro-excavation to expose utilities ensures that the surrounding material is undisturbed. It is the safest and most efficient method of exposing underground utilities.


Emco provides removal and disposal of your liquid or solid drilling cuttings from your drilling locations 24/7/365. Our 32-34 ft steel end dump trailers haul up to 16 yards per load and are reliably hauled by our late model sleeper cab trucks.


Emco’s one-of-a-kind jet trailer, which cleans four times faster than roustabouts with pressure washers, has made a huge impact with our customers and stays in high demand here in the Permian!