Solids Control Training

We’re training today! Emco is becoming your one-stop-shop for oilfield services in the Permian and continuing to build on our reputation of reliability and consistent customer care; we’re training on centrifuge operations for our solids control services, a new set of services we are now offering.

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We’ve Added Dry-Bulk Chemical and Barite Transport

Emco is proud to announce that we are now offering dry-bulk chemical and barite transport!

The dry-bulk chemicals and barite are hauled using our fleet of enclosed, sealed, large body pneumatic tank trailers. The trailers prevent air from entering, which protects the product from…

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Emco Hires American Heroes

The Emco family is proud to be a small part of developing America’s energy independence here in the Permian Basin, now the world’s largest and fastest growing oilfield.

We believe that America is the greatest country on earth, where businesses can freely be built by people who want to…

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Our End Dump in Action

Emco in action in the Permian! Our team provides oilfield services around the clock, including removal and disposal of drilling cuttings using our late model tractor trailers and 32-34 ft. end dumps.

Emco’s 32-34 ft. round bottom steel end dump trailers haul…

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Emco’s Vac Trucks for the Permian

Emco is setting the standard in delivering oilfield services to the Permian Basin that is superior to our competition. We do this by a team dedicated to the best customer service and equipment upgrades. We get jobs done faster to…

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Emco’s New Facility

We are grateful that our customers have allowed Emco to grow at a rapid pace. Introducing Emco Oilfield Services’ New 7-acre headquarters, located in the heart of the Permian Basin. Our new facility is fully equipped with:

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Emco’s Steel End Dump Trailers

Emco’s specialized equipment includes our 32-34 ft steel end dump trailers, hauled by our late model, well-maintained trucks to provide removal and disposal of drilling cuttings quickly and efficiently at 16-yards per load, throughout the Permian Basin. Competitors largely use…

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Emco’s one-of-a-kind Jet Trailer

Emco’s one-of-a-kind jet trailer has made a huge impact with our customers and stays in high demand here in the Permian! This unique trailer-mounted, diesel-powered centrifugal pump cleans…

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The second-most-productive oilfield, the Permian

The Permian Basin is now the world’s second-most-productive oil field, and with half the land rigs in America drilling in the Permian, it is on track to become the largest in the world! EMCO Oilfield Services is raising

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