Emco Oilfield Services - Setting High Standards

higher standards

Dedicated to providing superior service, Emco has a growing fleet of:

  • Late-model vac. trucks uniquely equipped with over-sized 4-inch vac pumps, 4-inch hoses and 4-inch ball valves for high-speed loading and unloading of fresh, 10# brine, frac flow-back and production water
  • 32-34 ft end dumps for cost-effective removal and disposal of drilling cuttings,
  • Innovative high-volume jet pump that cleans steel pits, frac tanks and half-round tanks four times faster than standard power washers
  • Hotshot extra-long trailer expedites deliveries of machinery and oilfield items up to 40 ft in length and 20,000 lbs throughout the Permian Basin and anywhere in the lower 48 states
  • Location construction and spill cleanup equipment

Emco's trucks, trailers and equipment are specially outfitted to save our customers time and money and set higher standards for safety, reliability, efficiency and prompt service at every job.

Specialized Equipment

To respond quickly to our customers and handle each job safely, efficiently and effectively, Emco provides our customers specially equipped 130 bbl. vac trucks to haul fresh (pond or city) water, 10# brine, and drilling mud, 32-34 ft. end dumps to provide liquid and solid removal of drilling cuttings up to 16 yards per load, innovative diesel-powered centrifugal jet pumps that clean frac tanks, steel pits and half-round tanks four times faster than standard pressure washers used by our competition, backhoe for location and spill cleanup work and a hotshot rig for expedited hauling.  For more details, click below:

unparalleled Service

Emco's owner/managers, sales team, drivers, dispatchers, pushers, mechanics, shop hands, administrators and support staff are all dedicated to one main goal: to be the absolute best by delivering unparalleled service.

We are an organized team that requires hard work and high-level performance by each team member.


Since 1993

Emco's goal: to be the absolute best

Emco provides vital fresh and 10# brine water delivery and frac flow-back water, production water and drilling cuttings removal and disposal, steel pit, frac tank and half-round tank cleaning in half the time as the competition, construction and spill cleanup and hotshot services for drilling, completion and production operations throughout the Permian Basin.

We proudly maintain a team of qualified drivers, operations managers, dispatchers, pushers, diesel mechanics, shop hands, compliance and safety personnel, administrative support staff and executive management. We are growing our fleet of company-owned, late model vac trucks and end dumps, jet trailer for pit and tank cleaning, backhoe for location construction, tank moving, and spill cleanup needs to ensure that your oilfield service needs are handled safely, efficiently and promptly.

transportation company located in the Permian basin

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Need your steel pits or Frac tanks cleaned?

Our trailer-mounted, diesel-powered centrifugal jet pump systems. This allows us to clean four times faster than standard pressure washers used by our competition.