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WATER HAULING - Emco utilizes its fleet of uniquely equipped vac trucks to deliver fresh (city and pond) water and 10# brine water to your drilling and frac locations and dispose of drilling mud, frac flow-back water and production water, loading and unloading in half the time of our competition.

DRILLING CUTTINGS REMOVAL - Emco utilizes its fleet of 32-34 ft. end dump trucks and trailers to remove and dispose of your solid and liquid drilling cuttings more cost-effectively than using roll-offs.

HYDROVAC CLEANING / HYDRO-EXCAVATION - Emco's state-of-the-art equipment and technology allow us to provide safe, non-destructive and efficient services throughout the Permian. Our hydro-excavator safely removes soil; as a result, we can locate underground utilities more efficiently and accurately.

DRY-BULK CHEMICAL & BARITE TRANSPORT - Emco's modern fleet of owner op late-model tractors with pneumatic tank trailers are now available to transport dry-bulk chemicals and barite direct from the manufacturing plants in the Permian Basin.

WELL TESTING / FLOWBACK - Emco Oilfield Services will tell you everything you need to know of your well's productivity and performance by providing metrics on its fluid properties such as temperature, pressure, flow, and makeup.  Emco also uses top-quality flowback equipment to ensure we meet the demands of the region while matching well conditions effectively while cutting operation costs.

TANK CLEANING - Emco's innovative, diesel-powered, centrifugal jet pump, known by our customers as the "jet trailer" cleans steel pits, frac tanks and half-round tanks four times faster than standard power washers. Our high-volume jet trailer is hauled to your location, accompanied by as many vac trucks filled with water as you need to clean all your tanks and pits in a fraction of the time AND COST of our competition.

SPILL CLEANUP SERVICES - Emco's backhoe is operated by skilled and experienced operators. The services our backhoe provides include location cleaning, berm construction, cleanup of spills moving and setting of tanks, spill containment, roustabout services, buried line locating and a myriad of other services.

HOTSHOT SERVICES - Emco's hotshot trailer is extra long at 36 ft. and heavy-duty to haul items up to 40 ft and 20,000 lbs. We haul your last minute, expedited items throughout the Permian Basin and anywhere in the lower 48 states.

SOLIDS CONTROL - Emco provides equipment including centrifuges to separate the cuttings solids from the drilling mud, mud pumps, dry shakers and a trip tank to collect cuttings and drilling mud, solids bins to collect the solid cuttings and excavators to transfer collected cuttings into our end dump trailers to haul off to the disposal facilities.

WINCH TRUCK & HEAVY HAULING AND FRAC TANK RENTAL- With our late model Peterbilt winch truck with an impressive 65,000 lb. winch, hauling our 41 ft. Road King lowboy trailer with a rolling tailboard, we can move mobile and skid-mounted tanks and heavy equipment up to 50,000 lbs. such as frac tanks, compressors, lay-down vessels, drilling equipment, pipe, you name it.

We are also proud of the expansion of our Winch Truck Heavy Hauling and Frac Tank Rental Division. Emco has recently acquired a fleet of 18 frac tanks and several more Winch Trucks to serve the Permian Basin.

If there's a way to tie onto it, we can move it!


  • Hauling fresh (city or pond) or 10# brine water
  • Water-based drilling mud
  • Oil-based drilling mud
  • Frac flow back water - vac truck
  • Production water hauling


  • The capability of hauling 16-yards per load
  • Removal and disposal of liquid and solid drilling cuttings
  • Paired with our Backhoe equipment, we haul material for road repair


  • Potholing/Daylighting
  • Slot Trenching
  • Debris Removal
  • Exposing Utilities
  • Piling Hole Excavation
  • Cold Weather Digging
  • Remote Digging


  • Haul dry-bulk chemicals
  • Haul barite direct from the manufacturing plants


  • Toe prep / Frac Assist
  • Drill out operations/coil assist
  • Production Well Testing


  • Frac tank cleaning
  • Steel pit cleaning
  • Sludge removal
  • Half-round tanks cleaning


  • Location cleaning
  • Berm construction
  • Cleaning of spills
  • Moving and setting oil or water tanks
  • Spill containment
  • Roustabout services
  • Buried line locating services


  • Equipment hauling
  • General oilfield loads


  • Separate cuttings from drilling mud
  • Remove solids from mud pumps
  • Remove cuttings solids from dry shakers
  • provide a trip tank to collect cuttings and drilling mud
  • solids bins to collect the solid cuttings
  • excavators to transfer collected cuttings into our end dump trailers to haul off to the disposal facilities.


Need fast and reliable service?

We have top-of-the-line equipment to serve your oilfield needs efficiently.

Need to Move tanks, build berms or cleanup spills?

We offer Backhoe services with skilled and experienced operators to move and set your tanks, clean locations, clean up spills, build berms, locate buried lines and a myriad of other services.

Need water delivered or removed?

Our 130 bbl. vac trucks are equipped with over-sized 4-inch vacuum pumps, 4-inch hoses and 4-inch ball valves ball valves which load and unload in half the time of our competition, which largely use 3-inch vacuum pumps and hoses and 3-inch butterfly valves, which easily get clogged. You will love the speed, safety and cost-savings our vacuum services offer.