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Emco's top priority: To exceed our customers' expectations

We strive to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers 24/7/365. Our primary services are hauling water and drilling cuttings for our customers during the drilling, completion and production of oil and gas wells throughout the Permian Basin.  Starting in March of 2018 with two end dumps, our commitment to exceeding our customers' expectations allowed us to grow to over 30 vac. trucks and end dumps by December 2018 with continued growth underway in 2019. Our vac. trucks are equipped to load and unload fluid in half the time of our competition. Another innovation is our uniquely designed diesel-powered, centrifugal jet pumps that allow us to clean our customers' steel pits and frac tanks 4 times faster than our competitors' standard power washers.

Emco's Management Team

Owner Michael Galvis

Michael Galvis


Michael Galvis, age 65 is a 38-year experienced senior executive and investor with a proven history of success in oil and gas operations, oilfield trucking services, entrepreneurship, executive management, business development, institutional and accredited investor financing, developing and operating oil and gas properties, start-up business ventures, corporate consulting and investor relations.

In 1987, Mr. Galvis co-founded HGH Energy, Inc., which acquired, operated and developed over 200 oil and gas wells purchased from Mobil Oil, Amoco, Enserch, Texaco and several independents. In 1994, Mr. Galvis was co-founder and principal partner in PetroQuest Exploration, Inc., a private E&P company engaged in the acquisition, drilling and development of oil and gas reserves in multiple states.

In 2010, Mr. Galvis purchased Francis Drilling Fluids, the largest frac sand logistics company in the US for 3.8X trailing twelve-month EBITDA at $53.5MM, built it to record sales of $85MM in 2011 and sold it in 2012 for $62.5MM to a private equity company. In 2011-2012, Mr. Galvis led the acquisition of ~150,000 acres of oil and gas leases that were sold to oil companies. In 2015, Mr. Galvis founded MDT Advisory Services, LLC, to provide corporate consulting services including advisory, business plan development, administrative, accounting, investor relations, corporate communications and capital formation.

In March 2018, he co-founded Emco with $9MM of investor capital as a three-year build-to-sell venture, generated $41MM in sales, survived the worst oil crash in history and is now recapitalizing to reboot the plan as the oil industry recovers.

james wright



James Wright, age 32, began his career at 18 with a Rocket Pipeline Trenchers for windmill construction. His diverse talents, ironworking skills and work ethic were quickly noticed by the windmill erection crew and was offered a management position with Patriot Steel Erectors, where James and the crews he led worked all over the U.S. for three years. He was recruited as a foreman by BPC Consulting leading a derrick building crew for complex rigging in Spain, Trinidad, Africa, French Guyana, the North Sea, and Canada for the oil industry. After three years, Polar Rig Specialties recruited James as Project Manager leading four crews in Mexico and Spain Part of James’ duties was to decommission numerous vessels, drillships, jack-ups, ships, semi-submersibles, and platforms mainly for Transocean and Helmerich & Payne on major oil companies. James Developed such an outstanding reputation that he and his crew was the only crew allowed to regularly maintain the Thunderhorse, the world’s largest deep-water production platform. The Asguard and The Deepwater Invictus, the two largest deep-water drillships recruited James to do regular maintenance.

To be closer to his wife and three children, James started Alpha Well Solutions. Emco recruited James and Brian after only nine months in business. James’ expertise and talents quickly advanced him to the position of President.

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