Emco is proud to offer backhoe services to our oilfield service menu. Paired with our 32-34 ft, 16-yard end dumps, we haul material for road repair.

Our services with the 2015 Caterpillar 420F include:

  • Location cleaning
  • Berm construction
  • Cleaning of spills
  • Moving and setting oil or water tanks
  • Spill containment
  • Roustabout services
  • Buried line locating services
  • Lease Road repair
  • a myriad of other services

Learn more about Emco's Ancillary Services here.  One phone call takes will help you reach your goal.


Emco is continuously striving to exceed the demands of our customers, safely, efficiently and promptly. Our dispatch team is available 24 hours a day/7 days at 602-499-6992.

Need drilling cuttings removed and disposed of?

Emco provides removal and disposal of drilling cuttings. Our 32-34 ft end dump trailers haul up to 16 yards per load. This is a quicker and more cost-effective means of drilling cuttings removal than roll-off tanks.

Need Water Hauled?

Our 130 bbl. vac trucks are uniquely equipped with over-sized 4-inch vacuum pumps, 4-inch hoses  and 4-inch ball valves, which load and unload in half the time of the competitions' standard 3-inch vacuum pumps, hoses and 3-inch butterfly valves, saving you time and money.

Need hotshot services?

Our hotshot services include equipment hauling, LTL's, general oilfield loads and more up to 40 ft in length and 20,000 lbs. in weight. Our hotshot services transport expedited deliveries throughout the Permian Basin and across the entire lower 48 states.