Emco Oilfield Services will provide a truck pusher to any jobs that have three or more vac trucks at no additional cost to the customer. This is part of Emco's Quality Management Program (QMP) that ensures quality service to our customers.

Emco Oilfield Services utilizes its fleet of uniquely equipped 130 Bbl. water trucks to deliver fresh (city and pond) water and 10# brine water to your drilling and frac locations and dispose of water-based drilling mud, OBM,  frac flow-back water and production water.

Most of Emco’s vac trucks are equipped with 4-inch vacuum pumps, 4-inch hoses and 4-inch ball valves on Emco vac trailers. Compared to most other water haulers, which use 3-inch vacuum pumps and 4-inch butterfly valves, Emco’s vac trailers load and unload in half the time, and the 4-inch full-port ball valves do not get clogged like the 4-inch butterfly valves.

Emco's specialized vac trucks provide our customers with:

  • On-time, safe, efficient delivery of fresh, (pond or city) and 10# brine water to drilling rigs and frac locations
  • On-time, safe, efficient removal and disposal of drilling cuttings, frac flowback and production water from drilling rigs, fracs and production facilities
  • On-time, safe, efficient delivery of freshwater used in conjunction with Emco’s innovative, jet pump trailers for cleaning steel pits, frac tanks, and half-round tanks at drilling rigs

Emco Oilfield Services has dispatch available 24/7 to answer your call at 602-499-6992.

Do you have sludge that needs to be removed?

Our trailer-mounted, diesel-powered centrifugal jet pumps are able to clean 4 times faster than standard pressure washers.

Need Remote Excavation?

Because our truck does not need to park close to a remote or crowded location where hand digging was often the fall-back, hydro excavation allows us to provide a more efficient and cost-effective digging method.

Need to Disinfect your work space?

Our team uses broad-spectrum disinfectants and chemicals that sanitize areas and kill viruses such as Corona Virus and other biohazards.