Emco has added Winch Truck Heavy Hauling to our list of services.

With our late model Peterbilt winch truck with an impressive 65,000 lb. winch, hauling our 41 ft. Road King lowboy trailer with a rolling tailboard, we can move mobile and skid-mounted tanks and heavy equipment up to 50,000 lbs. such as frac tanks, compressors, lay-down vessels, drilling equipment, pipe, you name it.

We are proud of the expansion of our Winch Truck Heavy Hauling and Frac Tank Rental Division. Emco has recently acquired a fleet of 18 frac tanks and several more Winch Trucks to serve the Permian Basin.

If there's a way to tie onto it, we can move it!

Emco Oilfield Services offers a long list of services and top-of-the-line equipment to provide you with on-time, safe, efficient service throughout the Permian Basin.  Our 24/7 dispatch team is available to take your call at 575-942-5651.


Need Production Well Testing?

Emco Oilfield Services will tell you everything you need to know regarding your well's productivity and performance by providing metric on its fluid properties such as temperature, pressure, flow and makeup.

Need transportation of dry-bulk chemicals and barite?

Emco's modern fleet of owner op late-model tractors with pneumatic tank trailers are now available to transport from the manufacturing plants in the Permian Basin such as AES Drilling Fluids in Kermit, Texas and Nova Mud in Hobbs, New Mexico and deliver to Permian Basin Drilling Locations.