Flowback refers to the process of recovering fluid from the well used to hydraulically fracture a shale formation at the surface. Flowback is an important phase of the well completion process to put a well into production for the first time, or in the case of a re-frac, return a well to production. Proper functioning and reliable equipment is essential to ensure the protection of surface and groundwater while cautionary measures should be made to prevent sudden pressure fluctuations that may disrupt the shale formation. Emco Oilfield Services uses top-quality equipment to ensure we meet the demands of the region while matching well conditions effectively while cutting operating costs.

Flowback services include:

  • Toe prep / Frac Assist
  • Drill out operations/coil assist
  • Production Well Testing

Production Well Testing

Having accurate and consistent well testing data is critical to your operation to achieve a detailed understanding of down-hole conditions. Emco Oilfield Services will tell you everything you need to know regarding your well's productivity and performance by providing metric on its fluid properties such as temperature, pressure, flow, and makeup.  Our process allows each of our clients to obtain data that will help them make improvements, increase efficiency, plan for the future, and overall better manage their operations. We offer a wide range of testing capabilities, expertise, and equipment that will allow us to meet your well testing needs, even in difficult operating conditions.

Learn more about Emco Oilfield Service's Flowback and Well Testing Equipment here. 



    Our hotshot services include equipment hauling, LTL's, general oilfield loads and more up to 40 ft in length and 20,000 lbs. in weight. Our hotshot services transport expedited deliveries throughout the Permian Basin and across the entire lower 48 states.


    Emco provides removal and disposal of drilling cuttings. Our 32-34 ft end dump trailers haul up to 16 yards per load. This is a quicker and more cost-effective means of drilling cuttings removal than roll-off tanks.


    We have top-of-the-line equipment to serve your oilfield needs efficiently.