Emco’s specialized equipment includes our 32-34 ft steel end dump trailers, hauled by our late-model, well-maintained trucks to provide removal and disposal of drilling cuttings quickly and efficiently at 16-yards per load, throughout the Permian Basin. We also haul wet or dry cuttings and solid material.

Competitors largely use aluminum trailers, that require a poly-liner for which customers are charged extra. Emco’s end dumps are more durable, less expensive and requested first.

Emco’s end dumps:

  • Haul 16-yards per load
  • Remove and dispose of liquid and solid drilling cuttings
  • Paired with our backhoe, transport material for lease road repair
  • Haul in-basin frac sand

Emco Oilfield Services is dedicated to providing superior trucking services with specialized equipment to serve the needs of oil companies, drilling contractors, oilfield service companies, midstream pipeline companies and refineries in the Permian Basin.

Emco takes great pride in our determination to provide reliable, safe and on-time service and in the most cost-effective way for our customers 24/7. Call our dispatch team at 602-499-6992.


Our trailer-mounted, diesel-powered centrifugal jet pumps are able to clean 4 times faster than standard pressure washers.

Need to Transport dry-bulk chemicals or barite?

Using Emco’s pneumatic owner op fleet, we strive to build on our excellent safety and compliance record to be a leader in delivering dry-bulk products as safely and efficiently as possible, ensuring prompt deliveries.

Need Toe prep / Frac Assist?

Emco Oilfield Services uses top-quality equipment to ensure we meet the demands of the region while matching well conditions effectively while cutting operating costs.