Emco Is hiring Drivers!

Emco is now offering solids control services.

To expand on Emco’s removal and disposal of drilling cuttings with Emco’s fleet of steel end dumps, Emco now provides complete drilling waste management services during the entire drilling process.

We provide equipment including centrifuges to separate the cuttings solids from the drilling mud, mud pumps, dry shakers and a trip tank to collect cuttings and drilling mud, solids bins to collect the solid cuttings and excavators to transfer collected cuttings into our end dump trailers to haul off to the disposal facilities.

We also provide experienced solids techs for day and night shifts to manage the process and operate the excavators.

Emco Oilfield Services has dispatch available 24/7 to answer your call at 575-942-5651.


Need to transport dry-bulk chemicals?

Emco's Pneumatic tank trailers are available to transport dry-bulk chemicals and barite direct from the manufacturing plants in the Permian Basin.

Need berm construction?

Our equipment includes a 2015 Caterpillar 420F that allows us to offer berm construction as-well-as other services such as road repair when paired with our 32-34 ft, 16-yard end dumps.

Frac tanks, steel pits and half-rounds need cleaning?

Emco’s one-of-a-kind jet trailer, which cleans four times faster than roustabouts with pressure washers, has made a huge impact with our customers and stays in high demand here in the Permian!