Announcing Emco’s Massive Fleet and Service Equipment Expansion

- State-of-the-art Vac Trailers -

Emco raises the bar yet again with its new fleet of 22 vacuum trailers. Equipped with digital barrel counters and safety alarms, Emco is breaking new ground like we did by going from 3" to 4" vac pumps that cut loading and unloading time in half and is raising industry standards in the Permian Basin.

Our new fleet of 130 Bbl. vac trailers all are equipped with computerized digital barrel counters, which make our customers 100% secure that haulers are not being paid for "light" loads. It also provides greater safety to know that the trailers are not overloaded beyond DOT weight restrictions.

- Frac Tanks -

Emco also has acquired a fleet of 18 frac tanks. Each tank will now be part of our Winch Truck Heavy Hauling and Frac Tank Rental Division.

- Semi-Truck Fleet Expansion -

Since our post about the four black Peterbilt 389s we bought last month, we have just bought seven new semi-truck sleeper cabs giving us a total of 29 company trucks. Of the seven, five are 2015/2016 Peterbilt 389s matching the four we bought last month, a Peterbilt 388 and a Kenworth W900L.

We are picking these big rigs up in Chicago, Ohio, Lufkin, Texas and Salt Lake City. We have already begun driving them to Pennsylvania to pick up our frac tanks or to Bakersfield, CA to pick up our game-changing vac trailers!

- Emco’s "Super" Supervac -

Other exciting news is that we have made a significant upgrade from our 2014 leased supervac. We have just purchased an almost new 2017 “Super” Supervac! This Supervac hydro-excavator is specially equipped with the largest pump on the market to offer special max power and versatility! This modified bad boy moves higher volumes of fluid longer distances in a shorter amount of time. Our customers are already lining up to have this amazing machine clean and work like none other in the Permian!

 - Solids Control Rockin It -

The Emco Solids Control division is expanding by picking up our third rig (Go Josh!), adding additional centrifuges and currently fabricating our own half-round cutting bins. (Go Cleve, Texas Tank Trucks' top steel fabricator for 15 years)

- Mighty Flowback Division Going Big -

Last, but not least, check out our recent $300,000 purchase of more extensive flowback and production well-testing equipment. This new equipment added to our existing inventory is only the beginning of a major expansion of Emco’s flowback equipment. These upcoming flowback equipment acquisitions will launch a major expansion of this division as we have been bringing on new top-tier management with impressive resumes and who are highly networked with an expansive list of oil companies active in the Permian. Emco’s flowback and production well testing division has put early and impressive jobs on the board since early August and has a growing number of upcoming jobs with major oil companies in the Permian. We are planning for a huge 2020 for Emco Flowback!

Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we grow!