We are proud to announce the expansion of our Solids Control Division!


Continuing our #watchusgrow series, we are proud to announce the expansion of our Solids Control Division. (Management, removal and disposal of drilling waste during the entire drilling process)


Emco’s early-stage Solids Control Division performed so well on our first two rigs over the last several months by exceeding expectations and saving our clients significant money, we have secured five more drilling rigs to manage their solids control. A big thank you to Josh Oliver, Emco Solids Control Sales, for kicking this awesome division off, being a great operator and now crushing it in Sales!).

We have negotiated to double our inventory of four high-powered centrifuges to a total of eight. A big thank you to Bo Leathers, Emco Solids Control Manager, for his R&D and travels to the manufacturer/distributor!

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A critical piece of equipment used in solids control is half-round cutting bins. These half-rounds collect the drilling cuttings waste after the centrifuges spin out most of the drilling fluids that are recycled. The drilling cuttings are deposited into the half-round cutting bins. When the bins are full, Emco's end dumps are dispatched out to location for cuttings removal and disposal. Emco’s on-site solids control operator transfers the cuttings from the bins to our end dump trailers with a trackhoe. Many of the half-round fabricators cut corners by using flimsy 3/16" steel. The trackhoe bucket can easily damage the thin half-round steel, puncture holes and thereby reduce the useful life of the bins.

Consistent with our goal to be the absolute best and raise oilfield service and equipment standards industry-wide, we are excited to be fabricating our own 4 ft. and 6 ft. ultra-strong half-round cutting bins. We use 1/4” steel that is much stronger than 3/16” and can withstand normal bucket banging without damage. We have also created a dropped sump system that makes clean out fast and simple. Anyone that has cleaned out tanks can appreciate the new system because industry standard has a raised valve that is useless during a cleanout.

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Learn more about Emco’s Solids Control Division as well as our expanding fleet of sleeper cab semi-trucks, superior vac trailers and other state-of-the-art service equipment and service lines by visiting our latest blog post and website.


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  1. Hello I seen your post of the expansion of your solids control division and would like to send you my resume. I recently received notice of my lay off last week and am actively looking for employment. So if I could get the information of the contact it would be greatly appreciated.

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