Emco’s Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum truck used in the permian basin, west texas and new mexico

We’re expanding! Emco Oilfield Services is proud to announce the expansion of its company-owned fleet of vacuum trucks, fully equipped with high powered vacuum pumps to serve you faster and ultimately save you money.

Emco’s new fleet of vacuum trucks is set apart from others as they feature 4” high-flow, high-volume vacuum pumps coupled with 4” ball valves on our vacuum trailers. Compare this to the standard 3” butterfly valves commonly used by our competitors. Our fast flow rate allows the filling and emptying of our tanks in much less time, increasing our efficiency.

Emco's Vacuum trucks

  • On-time, safe and efficient delivery of fresh, (pond or city) and 10# brine water to drilling rigs and frac locations
  • On-time, safe and efficient removal and disposal of drilling cuttings, frac flow-back and production water from drilling rigs, frac locations and production facilities
  • On-time, safe and efficient delivery of fresh water used in conjunction with Emco's innovative, jet pump trailers for cleaning steel pits, frac tanks and half round tanks at drilling rigs

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