New to Emco – Well Testing and Flowback Services

Our list of inter-related oilfield services just got longer!

Emco Oilfield Services is now offering production well testing and flowback services.

Flowback is an essential phase of the well completion process to put a well into production for the first time or return it to production after re-frac. By using top-quality equipment and expertly-trained flowback techs, our flowback services include toe prep/frac assist, drill out operations/coil assist and production well testing.

Our production well testing process allows each of our clients to obtain data that will help them make improvements, increase their efficiency, plan for the future and better manage their operations. We offer a wide range of testing capabilities, expertise, and equipment that will allow us to meet your well testing needs, even in difficult operating conditions.

Emco Oilfield Services strives to ensure that we meet the demands of the region that are essential to your well testing and flowback operations and can package the jobs with our vac trucks to haul off your flowback water as well.

Emco's flowback equipment includes:
-Variety of Vessels
-Plug Catchers Manifolds
-10k PSI Cyclonic Sand Traps
-All brand new certified and banded 1502 Iron
-Hydraulic & Manual Choke Manifolds
-3 and 4 Phase Test Separators up to 72"
-Control Trailers
-Sand Separators
-2"/3"/4" Flow Line With Restraints
-Electronic Ignition Flare Stacks up to 60'
-Torque and Testing Units up to 20,000 psi wp.
-Frac Stacks and Zipper Manifolds

From water hauling to hydrovac cleaning and hydro-excavation and everything in between, our professionals will handle your job safely, promptly and efficiently.

Contact Brian Wright at 979 255-0404 to schedule your well testing and flowback services today.