Emco’s one-of-a-kind Jet Trailer

emcos jet trailer for frac tank cleaningEmco’s one-of-a-kind jet trailer has made a huge impact with our customers and stays in high demand here in the Permian!

This unique trailer-mounted, diesel-powered centrifugal pump cleans frac tanks, steel pits and half-round tanks up to four times faster than roustabouts with pressure washers. Frac tanks, steel pits and half-rounds need cleaning when drilling operations switch from fresh water to oil-based mud, fresh water to brine water and other occasions. Emco’s jet trailer gets the job done quicker, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Emco’s jet trailer was born from the idea of replacing the only two options available to our customers: kill trucks that are hard to find because they are used for many other uses and roustabout crews with pressure washers that take many hours to complete a job, and therefore cost a lot.

Integrated with a kill truck’s wash capabilities onto a trailer that can be pulled by a pickup. The result is a highly efficient trailer-mounted, diesel-powered centrifugal pump, that has come to be known by our loyal customers as “Emco’s Jet Trailer”.

This powerful cleaning system is designed to deliver high volume-low pressure for fast cleaning of wet sludge and can be switched to low volume-high pressure for dry, stuck on sludge. Emco’s jet trailer comes out to your drilling location with one operator, two empty vac trucks and a vac truck full of fresh water. Emco’s gen II jet trailer will be available next month.

Call or text anytime 24/7 to order Emco’s jet trailer 575-988-1625 to clean your frac tanks, steel pits and half-rounds quickly, reliably and cost-effectively!