Emco’s Vac Trucks for the Permian

Emco is setting the standard in delivering oilfield services to the Permian Basin that is superior to our competition. We do this by a team dedicated to the best customer service and equipment upgrades. We get jobs done faster to save our customers money while focusing on safety and efficiency.

Most of Emco’s vac trucks are equipped with 4-inch vacuum pumps, 4-inch hoses and 4-inch ball valves on Emco vac trailers. Compared to most other water haulers, which use 3-inch vacuum pumps and 4-inch butterfly valves, Emco’s vac trailers load and unload in half the time, and the 4-inch full-port ball valves do not get clogged like the 4-inch butterfly valves.

Paired with our one-of-a-kind jet trailer, Emco is able to clean frac tanks, steel pits and half-round tanks in much less time and for a lower cost than competitive cleaning systems.

If you need fast, reliable drilling cuttings removal, water removal and disposal, delivery of fresh or 10# brine water, frac tank, steel pit or half-round tank cleaning, hotshot services or rig washing, contact our 24/7 dispatch team at 575-988-1625.