The second-most-productive oilfield, the Permian

permian basin new york times article
Photo credit: New York Times

The Permian Basin is now the world’s second-most-productive oil field, and with half the land rigs in America drilling in the Permian, it is on track to become the largest in the world! EMCO Oilfield Services is raising the bar to meet the increasing demands of the Permian Basin.

Our 24/7 dispatch team dispatches for our customers our reliable fleet of late-model sleeper cab tractors with:

  • 32 ft. end dump trailers to haul off and dispose of drilling cuttings.
  • 130 bbl. vacuum trailers with 4-inch ball valves and 4-inch vacuum pump for much faster filling and emptying of freshwater, 10# brine water, water base and oil base mud, frac flow back water and production water.

Emco also cleans out steel pits and frac tanks four times faster than standard pressure washers with our innovation to our state-of-the-art trailer-mounted jet pump systems.

Learn more about how the Permian, a ‘Monster’ oilfield made the U.S. a star in the world market in the article featured here…/ener…/texas-permian-field-oil.html.

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