Emco Hires American Heroes

Emco Hires American Heroes

The Emco family is proud to be a small part of developing America's energy independence here in the Permian Basin, now the world's largest and fastest growing oilfield.

We believe that America is the greatest country on earth, where businesses can freely be built by people who want to work hard to provide better lives and create opportunities for their families. The freedoms we enjoy in America are only made possible because of the sacrifices made by our military servicemen and women. Emco is proud to employ veterans and pay respect to their service.

Today we highlight our Field Tech, Frank Kern. Frank served in the army for 14 1/2 years with five deployments in Haiti, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq twice. Frank served as an infantry sniper and military police, and after being injured by an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) in Iraq, retired as a E-6 Staff Sargent.

As part of Emco’s team, Frank is a certified Peterbilt/International mechanic and certified State DOT inspector. He recently transferred from Night Shop Supervisor to Field Tech, operating Emco's Service Truck. During the day, Frank provides DOT inspections and repairs to our fleet of tractor trailers to ensure every Emco truck and trailer is in compliance with DOT regulations.

At night, Frank is on call to provide roadside repairs to our fleet. Frank points out, “My goal with Emco's service truck is to make our repairs quicker & more efficient by doing them on location and not having to bring the trucks back to the shop, reducing downtime and fuel costs and gets the trucks back on the road safely."

While Frank is in the field, he locates certain Emco owner op trucks via our fleet tracking GPS system and makes random field DOT inspections. We love to hear Frank's mantra, "Safety is Emco's number one goal."