Solids Control Training

We're training today! Emco is becoming your one-stop-shop for oilfield services in the Permian and continuing to build on our reputation of reliability and consistent customer care; we're training on centrifuge operations for our solids control services, a new set of services we are now offering.

Our around-the-clock solids (drilling waste) control, collection, and removal is managed by our experienced solids techs day and night. Solids control is the process of separating solid rock particles in the mud that's generated by drilling, cleaning the mud, and recovering the mud before returning it to the system. Our techs are available day and night to manage the process and operate the excavators.

Emco’s top-notch equipment includes:

  • centrifuges to separate solid drilling cuttings from liquid drilling mud
  • drying shakers to separate out more liquids
  • mud pumps to transfer mud
  • trip tank to collect cuttings and drilling mud
  • solid bins to collect the drilling cuttings
  • excavators (trackhoe) to transfer collected cuttings into Emco’s end dump trailers

Our end dump trailers then haul off to the disposal facilities.

Emco offers oilfield services 24/7 and is available to answer your call. Learn more about Emco Oilfield Services by visiting or by calling our dispatch team at 575-988-1625.